About ESSC

Eternal Summer Surf Camp was started by a few surfers in Bradenton, Florida who saw an opportunity to use surfing as way of reaching kids for the Kingdom of God.


ESSC was founded in 2008 and started with only 12 kids and a handful of boards that the founders managed to pull together from their personal stash.

Eternal Summer Surf Camp was founded on two promises: it will always be free and kids will never be turned away. Every Sunday for six weeks in the summer, the team would read promises from God out of the Bible and then push the kids into the little waves that the gulf coast of Florida provided.

Soon the word spread and by year three we had over 300 kids signed up. With nearly a decade of pushing kids into waves and teaching kids about God’s love, ESSC is now one of the largest surf camps in the world with over 2000 kids registering every summer.

We have three campuses and continue to add new locations every year. ESSC is a community event that runs solely on donations from people and businesses and is completely volunteer based.

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Have Questions?

You can also reach out to us by phone at (715) 781-9965